Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is Running a Religion?

Is Running a Religion?
(thanks to Steve of for introducing me to Dr. Sheehan's writing)

George Sheehan's article really moved me when I read it yesterday. As I was reading it several applications of his work came to mind. You don't have to be a runner to take away a profound message from this work.

In his article he writes about Father Nouwen retreating to a monastery to escape from a hectic life and refocus on God. he spent some period of time there, probably weeks if not months. When he was getting ready to leave he realized that his time there was really just a lull in the constant battle we all fight, and that if he wanted to retain some of the peace he had found there he would have to do something to maintain it. The Abbot tells him he must put aside 90 minutes a day for prayer.

You may see the differences between this Catholic priest's experience than your own. Think of it like this... We attend church once or twice a week. We try to leave behind life and concentrate on worshiping God. But, like Father Nouwen, we all know it's just a lull. When we walk out those doors the world is waiting for us with all of it's demands. The Abbot's advice is just as applicable to us, spend time with God every day in order to maintain that relationship and the peace that comes with it.

For me, running provides some of that time. I get out there early in the morning and just run. Once I get warmed up I have my mind all to myself, no distractions, no demands. I can talk with God, think things over, listen for his guidance.

Where/how do you find time to spend with God?