Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Spirit at Work

Ever have one of those days, or couple of days, when it seems that each thing you read, the conversations you have, sermons or bible studies all point in the same direction?  They each build on and reinforce each other.  Usually they come from different directions and different people.  But they all lead to the same message.  I've had one of those weekends.  Reading and writing last night on following Christ just flowed into today's sermon and R12 small group study on giving God what he wants.  It was even added to by our, off topic, discussion this morning in Sunday School.  Seeing others catching the same movement is incredible.   I'm excited about what God has planned next for my life and for the lives of the people in my Church family at Lee Road.
Mildorfer, "Pentecost" 1750's

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