Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is there a God?

Tomorrow night I start teaching the middle school youth a 13 part study that is based on Christian Apologetics. I gave them an introduction last week by writing out common, non-christian, belifs on cards and asking each of them to act out that role while the others tried to witness to them. It seemed to work pretty good. It got them thinking about people they know at school that have similar beliefs and how they might be able to talk with them.

The study starts with the question, "Is there a God?" It very briefly covers 3 arguements for God's existance. The first is the Cosmological arguement. This states that the Big Bang had to have a cause, and the most reasonable cause is God. The next is the Teleological arguement. This is based on the complexity of the design of our world, how if the Earth had just a slightly different orbit we wouldn't exist, or the complexity of DNA randomly occuring. Last is the Anthropological arguement, which C.S. Lewis used so well in Mere Christianity. That we human know right from wrong, we have an inborn sense of what is fair and right, and there is no other reasonable reason for this than that it was put there by God.

I'm looking forward to teaching this. Even more, I'm looking forward to their questions and thoughts.

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